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May 2014 - check out this article "The Link Between Cancer & Heart Disease"  It gives info on heart disease related to breast cancer radiation

Cancer & Heart Disease



Articles on magazine links

Meredith Corporation publishes many magazines -- they have provided us with the following links that contain many stories that have been published in their magazines.
I thank them for their continued support in providing great stories of inspiration for breast cancer survivors who visit our website.

Articles from: Goodhousekeeping  Magazine


Articles from: Discover Magazine -" The world's most studied piede of DNA a mutation that causes breast cancer -has followed an amazing journey from ancient Palestine to the American Southwest" Read the article at -


Article in Redbook magazine -
Oct 2013 issue:
"The best thing I would never wish on anybody"  this is an excellent article;

September 2013 issue: 

"What breast cancer doctors tell their friends"   GREAT ARTICLE!

 March 2013 - Glamour is about confidence, not hair ...


Articles from www.

You can go to their website - Search "Breast Cancer" there are many articles including this one. 

Fighting Cancer Against All Odds

Wonderful article-Holiday Diagnosis

Amazing writing on a very difficult subject --

Diagnosis at the Holidays


Articles from Magazines

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