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To all who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, family member, or a friend, we welcome you here.

We have devoted our efforts to provide you with the knowledge that has helped other women and men in their journey through breast cancer.

We do not offer medical advice, but we do provide links to other sources of information to help take the mystery out of your diagnosis, and hopefully help you with other information you did not realize you needed to know.

BCDIY Resources and Links and Support Site Map web pages are filled with many wonderful topics. Please take your time to "Do It Yourself" and allow us to help guide you to the many wonderful venues of timely information.

Above all, please know that you are not alone!

Gifts for friends with Breast Cancer

Our webstore has items that can be gifts or items that our people have found to be helpful in their treatments.

It's Here Now!

We have expanded our website to include special sections for various areas of the country. If you have information that comes to your attention - please send it to us, and we will try to set up a section for your particular part of the world.  Sometimes word of mouth can bring miracles to our lives.

Some New Topics:

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 New webpage replacing BCDIY Blog
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 Breast Cancer Pillow
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 Look and feel your best!
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 Teen issues
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We are always
updating information!

Our Webstore is expanding!

We have begun to realize that folks would like to support our website, but they may not want breast cancer related items only
We are expanding our website to include other items made by Marion - to support our website!
If you have any suggestions, please contact us.  Most items will be a "one of a kind" they are not being mass produced each is a quilt or an item that is made individually, so patterns and colors may vary.
Hope you enjoy our new expanded Webstore!

HOTLINES for Help:

Speak with someone who's been there

Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center 
In Murrieta, California, USA     (951) 304-1280

Dr Bernie Siegel's website:  Cancer Surgeon and author of many books

Breast Cancer Network of Strength: 
 1-800-221-2141 English
 ( interpreters in 150 languages - 24hours -7days )

National Cancer Institute: 
TTY: 1-800-332-8615

Susan G. Komen for the Cure: 

American Cancer Society: 

TTY:  1-866-228-4327
24hours -7days )

Canadian Cancer Society 
toll-free:  1 888-939-3333



Our site began April 2008 and now serves over 99 countries, we are so proud to be in your life!


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