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Mastectomy Pillow


Mastectomy pillow is to be used AFTER surgery. 

This is a great gift for a friend when you have no idea what they might need when they are facing surgery!

Special pillows are made in Breast Cancer Fabric

If you prefer a floral pillow - please indicate when you order

Size:  8" x 11" approximately

Cover:  "happy fabric" of 100% cotton


The pillow is to be used after surgery. You put it under the affected arm, so when your arm is at your side, it does not put pressure on the stitches, or create pressure on the breast area that has stitches. This small pillow can be used in either direction, whichever is most comfortable. Many people use it the long way, finding it more comfortable when walking around; and the short way when sitting. This way it doesn't bunch up, or create pressure. It can be used whichever way feels best, there is not right or wrong way, just what feels good for you.

If you have a Chemo port - it can also be used when you are driving or a passenger in a vehicle to keep the seat belt from irritating your port site. 

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Prices updated:  May 12. 2009  


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