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There are many fine websites that deal with the topic of breast cancer.  Some are extremely good, some are very clinical by nature, and others are downright awful.  When you test the waters of the internet, you'll probably become overwhelmed (like we were), and so we've gathered informational links for your convenience.  These are the websites that other women have used to help take the mystery out of their breast cancer.

Men get breast cancer, too!  Please click here for more information about male breast cancer.

Topics can range from:  Who gets cancer?  What are the myths of breast cancer? Is my family history important? Is my age important? Do my eating habits make me at risk for breast cancer? Does taking birth control have any effect? Is a breast cancer diagnosis a death sentence? If breast cancer doesn't run in my family, then can I still get it? I have diabetes and breast cancer, what now?  And the questions are too numerous to post here, but you get the idea.

You will find these topics with links:  Resources and Links


Breast Anatomy

Ethnic Cancer Issues

Breast Basics

Illustrations of Breast Cancer

Breast Facts

Images of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer: Immune System

Making Decisions While Emotional

Breast Cancer Topics

Minority Women’s Health

Breast Cancer Guide


Breast Cancer in the Workplace

Staging + Illustrations

Diabetics and Breast Cancer

Types of Cancer + Metastatic

Every Woman’s Guide to BC

Women’s Health Care Forum

Family Health Issues

Articles of Interest to Read


Lesbian Cancer Issues: 

     American Cancer Society
    Breast Cancer Network of Strength

Also see:  Lymphedema
Inflammatory Breast Cancer
                         Hotlines for Help

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Pregnancy, Abortion, Miscarriage and Breast Cancer Risk

You will find these topics,
with links at: Resources & Links



Children, having after breast cancer

Communication for Couples



Pregnancy Study


Sexual Dysfunction

Articles of Interest to Read

What are you pretending not to know?

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Symptoms and Types:

You should be aware that breast lumps aren’t the only possible sign of breast cancer, and that most breast lumps are not cancer.

Breast Cancer Sypmtoms:

Breast cancer usually has no symptoms in the early stages. 
When a tumor begins to develop, you may see or feel some of the following:

 A bump/lump in the breast or underarm, even after your menstrual cycle; often the first apparent symptom of breast cancer, breast lumps are painless, although some may cause a prickly sensation. You should know that breast lumps can usually be visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt.
 Swelling in the armpit area, be aware.
 Although bumps/lumps are usually painless, pain or tenderness in the breast can be a sign of breast cancer, so be aware.
 Any noticeable flattening or indentation on the breast, which could indicate a tumor - one that cannot be seen or felt.
 Any change in the size, shape, texture, or temperature of the breast; especially a reddish or pitted (surface like the skin of an orange) could be signs of advanced breast cancer - be aware.
 Any change in the nipple raea:  an indrawn or dimpled look, an itching or burning sensation, or ulceration of the nipple area; or scaling of the nipple is a sign of Paget's disease. (see below)
 Any unusual discharge from the nipple that may be clear, bloody, or another color. This is usually caused by benign conditions, but could be due to cancer in some cases, so be aware.
 Any marble-like area under the skin, be aware.
 Any area that is at all different from any other area on either breast, be aware.

 Call Your Doctor If:

Image One or both breasts develop an abnormal lump or are continually painful, or look or feel abnormal. The cause often is something other than cancer but should be identified, so be aware.
Image You have swollen lymph glands in your armpits. Any such swelling could be associated with cancer and you want to have this checked by your doctor. 


     National Cancer Institute:

     Paget's Disease:  Breast Cancer Network of Strength

Also see: 
                       Inflammatory Breast Cancer
                       Hotlines for Help

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Ask Questions

Time with your Doctor is always limited, and questions can always go unasked. If possible, please try to take somebody with you on your doctor visits. We hope these resources help you:

Questions to ask your Doctor:
Click Here

Questions to Ask the Medical Oncologist:
Click Here

Questions to Ask the Breast Cancer Surgeon:
Click Here

When speaking with your Insurance Provider, please try to visit these resources for further information:

Questions to ask your Insurance Provider:
Click Here

Patient Advocacy Resources:

Governmental Help -( FMLA )  During Chemo-Radiation-Recooperation

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Ethnic Background Matters

More studies are being made on how your ethnic background matters in diagnosing breast cancer.  Some ethnic groups are more susceptible, and you need to be aware of this information:


Ethnic Breast Cancer Resources:
Click Here

Discover Your Ethnic Background:
National Geographic


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Implants and Mammograms

Articles and Videos

Articles of Interest:

> How Breast Cancer Changed My Life:  Oprah Magazine
   New Genes, New Hope: You're Unique! by MAMM magazine 
  What I learned from breast cancer: Redbook Magazine 10/2008
38% of Breast Cancers May Be Preventable:  WebMD 
Confusing Risk Information:   
    University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
Breast Reconstruction Surgery:  Cosmetic Procedure  WebMD 
Treating Her2 + Breast Cancer:  WebMD

  Truncal Lymphedema:  URGENT
Targeting the Triple Threat:
Cure magazine



   Different Breast Cancers: Medical News Today
   >  Quality of Life During Breast CancerMedical News Today
   >  Treating HER2+ Breast Cancer: Medical News Today
   >  Christina Applegate (TV: Samantha Who?) 

Inspiring interview & video on her breast cancer journey:


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