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Inspiring Words - City of Hope

From the Former Executive Director - City of Hope  - Samuel Golter
"There is no profit in curing the body if, in the process, we destroy the soul."

News from "The City of Hope"

We have received permission to reproduce some of the articles that the City of Hope has in their publication "City News"  we are thrilled to be able to get this information to you, and we will continue to put the newest articles on our site, as they are published by "The City of Hope"  They are a research hospital also, so we are also reproducing some of the research news that we feel is so important to the fight against breast cancer.  You can subscribe to their publications by going to their website  put in the search field - Breast Cancer - on the left side toward the bottom go to  e-newsletter, and put in your information.    We are sure that you will find their publications priceless in your search for information on the battle against breast cancer.   If you enjoy this new page on our website, please let us know.  We thank the City of Hope for allowing us to put their articles here for you.

July 29, 2011 -- from their e-mail update - news about metastatic cells in your blood - extremely interesting.
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July 19, 2011 -- from their e-mail updates:
New Research at the City of Hope - on Superfoods that may help with preventing cancer.
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This article came from the May 2011 - Hope Connection Newsletter Volume 6 Number 2
"Overcoming therapy-resistant breast cancer - Biologists reveal potential major breakthrough
Tumor cell biologists at City of Hope have identified a new way of treating breast cancer cells that are resistant to current drugs.  Some breast cancers are resistant to treatments called aromatase inhibitors.  They block an enzyme the body uses to make estrogen.  This starves cancer cells because they need estrogen to survive.  But once the cells are resistant to the inhibitors, the cancers can return and spread.  To get the upper hand on breast cancer, researchers have focused on HSP90, a protein building block.  When the researchers developed an experimental drug that inhibited HSP90 they had success; even the therapy-resistant cells were unable to grow.   Even more exciting, the combination of the experimental drug and the aromatase inhibitors was greater than the power of each alone.  The researchers hope to move their new therapy to clinical trials.  They are eager to find out whether the therapy will save lives - and so are we."

These articles came from  City News - Winter 2010 -- Volume 21 - Number 1
"More than a Woman"  by Monika Guttman

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