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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer:
Also known as IBC

A unique and uncommon type of breast cancer.

Symptoms might include: 

 One breast appears larger than the other 

 Red or pink skin 

 Skin that is hot to the touch 

Swelling of the breast

 Nipple discharge
(any discharge!)

 Nipples that appear inverted or flattened
(when in question see your doctor)

Pain and/or itchiness
(be sure to check for any swelling)

 Ridges or thickened areas of breast 

(of the entire breast or in small patches) 

 Orange-like texture (skin of an orange) 

 Swollen lymph nodes under the armpit area

Swollen lymph nodes of the neck
(sometimes) see your doctor if you're not sure

Contact your doctor if you think you have any of these symptoms.
And, it is always best to deal with a doctor who has expertise in Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Treatments:

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 Image Please watch this important clip on 
           Inflammatory Breast Cancer:

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