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Eating Well & Exercise 

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) and Breast Cancer:


By now, you should be aware that eating a well-balanced diet while undergoing breast cancer treatment can help you cope with side effects, rebuild strength, and also help to rebuild tissues damaged by cancer.  While you may find it difficult to eat well during treatment due to certain side effects (such as nausea or diarrhea) or the emotional burden a diagnosis of breast cancer can bring, the following links in BCDIY "Resources" will help you to understand  the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during breast cancer treatment.  You will also learn how to cope with side effects of treatment that may affect a your eating habits.

July 29, 2011 -- Newly found website for great recipes -- it really made our staff very hungry

More Topics About Nutrition:

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Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients

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What Diet is Right for Me?

Healthy Recipes:

Celiac Disease: 
The American College of Gastroenterology
The University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research

Diabetes and Breast Cancer:  American Diabetes Association

SPECIAL NOTE:: CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR if you are receiving Chemotherapy, before you start drinking green tea, or eating anything with antioxidants in it, and this includes certain vitamins.

 Articles of Interest:
 Focus on Nutrition: Breast Cancer Network of Strength
Dietary Supplement Genistein Can Undermine Breast Cancer Treatment:
Caffine - breast Cancer Link Minimal:
 Alcohol and Your Health:  WebMD
Take Charge of Diabetes:  Remedy Health
Spices and Herbs=Antioxidants:
Spices for Health:
Vitamin D Found To Stimulate A Protein That Inhibits The Growth Of Breast Cancer Cells:

 >  Foods After Cancer:  WebMD

Click Here For More Information on Nutrition

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Exercise For Better Health:

For those of you who can get out and go to a gym, but don't like being in a place with men, try Curves.  Plus, it's a great support group for women with the same issues - all ages.
Find out if it's for you, we liked it.

Qi Gong Helps Breast Cancer Survivors: (pronounced Chi Kung)
Qi Gong literally means, "Energy Cultivation," and refers to slower exercises which can improve health and longevity, as well as increase the sense of harmony within oneself.
(see video links below)

Breathing Exercises

Day-to-Day Exercise

Curves: a gym for women

Exercise After Surgery

Fitness + Living with Cancer

Physical Activity Infomation

Yoga Helps with Fatigue

A new article on Reuters tells about a study that has been done about Yoga and fatigue for Breast Cancer Survivors
Check out this article at the following link


Click Here For More Information on Exercise

 Articles of Interest:
 >  Physical Activity and Cancer: National Cancer Institute
 >  Exercising as a teen may lower breast cancer risk
 Diet / Exercise Tips to Fight Depression: WebMD



Breast Cancer Healing Through Movement: WebMD 
MD Anderson/CancerWise video on
Related Story:  Energy Medicines, Will East Meet West?
Qi Gong Helps Breast Cancer Survivors: Vanderbilt Health News




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Other Health Issues:

Because some cancer drugs can lead to a stroke, we think it is important to be able to recognize the warning signs.

 Learn To Recognize A Stroke
 American Stroke Association video

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Alternative Therapy

You should always consult with your doctor about your medications. 

Breast Cancer DIY does not advocate alternative medicine.

Use at your own risk.

Alternative Medicine: 
Mayo Clinic

Complementary and Alternative Therapy: American Cancer Society

Complementary and Holistic Medicine:

Complementary Medicine:  MD Anderson Cancer Center

Integrative Therapies and Womens Health: Cleveland Clinic

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

What is it?:  Mayo Clinic

More information from one of our website members:

 Articles of Interest: 
   Positive Health Online
   Cancer Monthly

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