Breast Cancer DIY

...created by women with breast cancer, for women and men with breast cancer!

Our activities 

We have been blessed by volunteers who have made our mastectomy pillows and who continue to sew for us -- we have distributed over 3000 mastectomy pillows to patients from Loma Linda to Palm Springs, CA these pillows have been thankfully received, and we found that once they are no longer needed for the surgical sites, they can be used to cushion chemo ports from seat belts when driving or riding.  Our Magic Blankets are now being used internationally with great success. We thank all of you who have supported us for the past 14 years.  We hope to continue to provide our products and services for years to come.

Non-Profit Expo - Temecula CA.

4-28-2016  We participated in "The 2016 Non-Profit Expo at the Temecula, CA State of the City" event along with other Non-Profits that serve this part of the Inland Empire in Southern California. It was a great event. We got to meet many folks who are trying to make lives better for those in our community.  This is a picture of Karen and Marion who attended the event with the products we provide to patients in the area.


Articles in Local Paper about BCDIY

We were blessed to have our website written up in the local newspaper, we are always glad when our accomplishments in our community are recognized.  check out the article which appeared on 11-1-14

Things we are doing in our Community

1-31-2023 After much consideration our Board of Directors has decided to dissolve our 501C3 Charity which we were able to establish in 2009 - this means that any donations are no longer tax deductible on the donor's tax returns.  Changes are in the process and our website will continue to provide information to breast cancer patients for as long as we can fund  the website expenses.  Thank you for support.  

Our website was "born"  in 2008 with the help of dear friends.

In April 2009 with the help of Kurt Graves of Tax Free Charities of Santa Monica, CA we became a 501(c)3 - A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation - all donations are now tax deductible.

 All funds generated by the webstore and sales of our products go directly back to keep the website running - we take no salaries or payments for all the work we do to help our "boobsisters".and "boobbrothers".

In February  2012 - we were honored to be the featured Non-Profit at the local Lunafest Film Festival  sponsored by the local  Soroptimist International San Jacinto-Hemet Valley group. and Marion was the guest speaker at the event at the Mount San Jacinto Community College. 

We have been blessed to have many volunteers and Marion's quilting guild who have helped us make our "mastectomy pillows" and prepare them for distribution to local surgical patients within a 50 mile radius of our location. As of January 2015  we have donated over 1950 pillows.

We have been working with a few gals who knit, and we have made over 300 Chemo Caps for local chemo patients.

We are blessed to have Marion's quilt guild donate loads of scraps and fabric for our projects, the fabrics that we cannot use are turned into blankets, and beds for the Ramona Animal Shelter in San Jacinto and Living Free Animal Sanctuary, a non-kill facility in Mountain Center, CA

We have done many community events, selling breast cancer items, and quilts, knitted boas, and assorted items to fund our website. 

October 4 - 6, 2013   The event was fantastic!!!
In September 2013, we were contacted by the "Southern California Sand Drag Association" who has an event planned for October 2013, "Racin For A Cure" and will be featuring our website at their event.  We took this opportunity to set up a fund raiser in the form of a large quilt that will be auctioned off during the event. This is the quilt it was made by Marion and hopefully will bring in a large amount of money for our website to fund our community service projects.   See our facebook page to see pictures of the event!   

We continue to serve our local community with projects to raise awareness about breast cancer.   Unfortunately there have been several young women under 25 in our community that have been diagnosed.

Our future project is to find a way to educate teenagers about the importance of self examination - learning what is "normal" for them so that they would recognize something new in their breasts. Unfortunately the school system will not allow us to do a seminar, so we are trying to determine the best way to reach teenagers in our community.

We hope that one day, our website will not be needed by so many, but we are afraid that day is far off in the future.  

We need your help to educate the young women you know - it is never too soon to be doing monthly exams.