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Annual Breast Cancer Quilt Project

When we started this website we wanted to have an annual event that would be part of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Since Marion is a quilter - we decided to make a quilt each year. 

 This year we have been blessed to have a very accomplished quilter make our 2012 Quilt
Midge Kincaid - has been quilting for many years, and has had pictures of her quilt published in Ricky Tims' "Kool Kadeidoscope Quilts" book - you must be an excellent quilter to get your quilts in this internationally known quilter's publication. 

See our webstore to purchase this quilt - only 1 available.

2011 Quilt Winner

In 2011 - we put our Annual Quilt on EBay -- the lucky winner was Sharon White from Virginia - Sharon and her husband Don wanted the quilt for his sister Barbara in memory of their sister Sandra Fay Walker who died of breast cancer in 2001  From the attached picture you can see that she obviously is very pleased with the quilt.   We are so pleased that we were able to have our quilt become a very special addition to Barbara's life, and we pray that one day no more sisters are lost to breast cancer.   We are including a picture of the beautiful young woman who is memorialized in this quilt gift to Barbara.
This is a picture of Sandra Fay Walker
 - born 9/25/54 died 12/12/01 

Previous Winners

   1st Annual Quilt Raffle 2009 Winner
           Lisa McAllister - Tucson, Arizona
During my 2010 vacation trip,  Lisa and I had a chance to visit.
Here is a photo of our recent visit - she loves her quilt, and uses it every time she gets her chemo.

Our 2nd Annual Quilt Raffle
 was held 12/10/10-the lucky winner was
Arline Garcia  of Hemet, CA pictured here with
 her son Jaiden - They love the quilt!