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Breast Cancer DIY Site Map: 
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Annual Screening/Mammogram

Biological Therapy

Breast Cancer Bill of Rights

Breast Biopsy

Breast Cancer
     The Breast
     Ethnic Background Matters
     Implants and Mammograms
     Questions to Ask Your Doctor
     Breast Cancer Articles and Videos
     Breast Cancer Resources and Links

Breast Cancer Site

Cancer Group Discussions
     Dental and Chemotherapy
     Nutritional Needs
     Paranoid About Recurrence
     Telling Family About Cancer 


Clinical Trials

Contact Us



Diagnosis and Diagnostic Techniques
     Diagnosis and Tests
     Treatment and Care
     Living and Coping
     Diagnosis Techinques Resources and Links

Doctor and Questions

Ethnic Cancer (Ancestry and National Origin)

Events: Walk.Bike.Run

     Exercise for Better Health
     Qi Gong
     Exercise Articles and Videos
     Exercise Resources and Links

Faith Based Inspirations
     Choose To Trust
     He Gives Strength
     He Leads You To Victory
     Keep Walking Through
     Now Faith
     Not His Benefits
     Stay Connected
     The Apple of His Eye
     Your Sun and Shield
     Other Information and Articles
     Faith Resources and Links

     Fashions to order
     Wigs and Other Things
     Fashion Articles and Videos

Financial: Medical Assistance
     Also: Medical and Pharmacy below
     Medical Assistance Resources and Links

Financial: Transportation Assistance
     Air Medical Transportation
     RV'rs and Campers
     Transportation Article
     Transportation Resources and Links

Fun Things To Do!
     National Geographic Webcams
     Various Worldwide Wildcams
     Genographic Project
     Humor Therapy Articles and Videos


Helping Others
     Mastectomy Pillow
     Stay in Touch With Family and Friends
     Gift with Fashions 
     Start Your Own Support Group
     Donate Your Hair
     Other Ideas

Hormonal Therapy


Hotline Information

In Loving Memory
     Carolyn Merritt
     Teresa "T" Wilhem
     Bev Saarinen
     Helen Descovich
     Jill Buchanan
     Shin Na    

Inflammatory Breast Cancer
     Inflammatory BC Symptoms
     Inflammatory BC Treatments
     Inflammatory BC Articles and Videos
     Inflammatory Resources and Links

Insurance Provider

Internet - How to Use!

Join With Us

Legal: Please Read
     Terms of Use
     Privacy & Membership
     Message Board Policy

Legislative Advocacy
     Advocacy Resources and Links

Link-to-Link Sharing

Living & Coping


     What is Lymphedema
     Suggested Precautions
     Risk Reductions
     Lymphedema Alert Bracelet
     Lymphedema Articles and Videos
     Lymphedema Resources and Links

Lymphedema Tests

     Magazine Selection

Male Breast Cancer
     Male Breast Cancer Resources
     Articles for Male Breast Cancer
     Videos for Male Breast Cancer
     Male BC Resources and Links

Mammogram: Annual Screening


Medicine & Pharmacy
     Your Medications and Pharmacy
     Clinical Trials
     Be Aware: Online Medications
     Directory Search: Doctor-Hospital-Survivorship A-Z
     Medicine: Articles and Videos 
     Medicine Resources and Links

Message Boards

     Music selection
     Music Therapy Articles and Video

News: Latest Breast Cancer News
     Mark Your Calendars!
     Army of Women Projects
     Links to Current Breast Cancer News Reports
     California Residents Mammogram News
     News Resources and Links

Newsletters to subscribe to
     Breast Cancer Newsletters
     Newsletter Resources and Links

     Celiac Disease
     Diabetes and Breast Cancer
     Nutrition Articles and Videos
     Nutrition Resources and Links

     Alternative Therapy     

Paget's Disease


Positive Thoughts
     At Your Own Pace
     Bounded By Wellness
     Conscious Creation
     Create Time for Self Compassion
     Embracing Grief
     Every Step is Forward
     Finding the Gift
     Graceful Guidance
     Making Time for Relfection
     Tending the Emotions
     Walking Through
     Walking With Awareness
     Positive Thoughts Resources and Links

Pregnancy & Sexuality
      Pregnancy.Abortion.Miscarriage and Risk


Radiation Help
     Marion's Magic Blanket
     Radiation Articles
     Testimonials for Magic Blanket
     Radiation Therapy Resources and Links

Breast Cancer Support in your State/City

Self-Help CD/DVDs
     Self-Help Selection

Sexuality: Pregnancy & Sexuality

    Stroke Video
    Stroke Resources and Links

Support Groups: Local in Your Area

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
      Symptoms and Types

Surgery and Reconstruction


Teen & Young Women
     Your Breast
     Resources for Teen and Young Women
     Book Review
     Teen and Young Women Articles and Videos

     Farewell My Lovelies
     To You From Jill
     Isabelle, Esther, Helen, Bev: from Ron
     Two Words from Carolyn Merritt
     For Joyce from Mike

Therapy for Breast Cancer          
          Hormone Therapy    
Radiation Therapy

Treatments and Care

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