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Cancer Patients Transportation Needs


Air Medical Transport

RV'r and Campers

If you are an RV'r and want to travel to a participating Cancer Hospital, Clinical Trial, or whatever your breast cancer needs may be, and stay in the comfort of your recreational vehicle with Passport America campgrounds:

Passport America - Save 50% at over 1400 campgrounds in the USA, Canada and Mexico 

Angel Bus "From Home to Hope"

We thank George Myers, author of the following article for permission to reproduce it on our website - the article appeared in the April 2010 FMCA Publication. "Family Motor Coaching"

Angel Bus is a non-profit national charity that arranges non-emergency ground transportation for individuals who must get to a distant facility for specialized medical treatment. These trips, called missions, are accomplished by motor home owners who volunteer their time and the use of their coaches. The operation is managed by Mercy Medical Airlift, an organization of professionals who have 30 years of experience in helping the needy get to often life saving treatment.  A motor home can provide gentle transportation from the door of one facility, a home, or hospital, to the door of another. This can make a trip bearable to patients that are in particularly fragile condition. If you know someone needing transportation help, call  Angel Bus at 1-800-768-0238

Articles and Videos

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 Cancer Care Going the Distance

H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) and Travel

 If you are concerned about the H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu), please go to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (USA) for the latest information:

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention:


H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) and Breast Cancer:


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